• Flexible online learning at your own pace and time.

  • Interactive with feedback by the course developer, educator, advisor, author and serial entrepreneur James D. Roumeliotis.

  • This is a culmination of 10 years of refinements and 600 students/alumni later.

  • All the necessary practical material provided and much more…no stone unturned.

  • Pertinent for products and services and both B2C and B2B type businesses.

  • Material covered takes into account the new normal, pandemics, recessions, chaos and how to overcome such external threats in your business operations.

  • Developed by experts with deep experience from many fields, across sectors and specializations.

  • Online one-on-one or group lessons possible (by appointment only and for an additional cost – please inquire.)

  • Templates, quizzes/assignments and practical activities to help you build a high-growth company.

  • Complimentary book offered along with a 30-minute online consulting session.


What You Will Learn

  • Profile of the entrepreneur and the most common myths about being one.

  • How to identify business opportunities

  • How to set goals and milestones for your business.

  • Creating a business plan with financial projections.

  • How to perform market research and select your target audience.

  • Develop your value proposition.

  • How to create and test your product or service.

  • Communications / Public Relations.

  • How to plan your business logistics and operate your business.

  • How to overcome business challenges under almost any circumstance and bonus material not offered anywhere else.


From former students

by Joseph M.

Thanks a lot! I very happy with your course it was very useful for me and look forward to applying the material.

by Betty N.

I enjoyed meeting you online. I received much out of your program. You have so much positive energy! Thank you for the complimentary copy of your book. I will read it with great interest.

by Danielle L.

You are so talented as a businessman and educator and you have the best personality too. You give positive vibes and motivation...keep it up as we need humans like you these days :) Thank you!

by Shane E.

Thanks a lot James for your answer and for your amazing entrepreneurship material, really appreciate it.

by David H.

When I initially registered and took this starting a business course, I thought I would be taking a risk since it cost a bit more than some other courses offered. Let’s just say I took the bait with your clever marketing which turned-out to be well validated. However, I discovered that it’s incomparable to anything else, stands well on its own and a great value for the money. I’m very pleased and spreading the word to several others.


Program Creator, Educator, Advisor & Entrepreneur

James D. Roumeliotis

James, multilingual and multicultural, is a seasoned sales management strategist, customer service and luxury lifestyle marketing specialist, as well as an entrepreneurial adviser and practitioner based in Montreal. He is a graduate of McGill, Cornell University and the University of Sherbrooke. James has lived and conducted business in three countries, as well as founded several companies including a successful yacht brokerage firm in the Mediterranean region...despite obstacles in a challenging social environment. He has also been involved in the health food & beverage production business, as well as in diverse industries including financial services, leisure maritime, hospitality, CE, CPG, and the luxury domain. Among his achievements: brought an international mindset and creative marketing skills to the yachting industry, implemented Best Practices to financial services sales teams and successfully established health food and beverage products from the ground-up with limited resources and in a timely manner. Many entrepreneurs have turned to James for guidance to launch businesses, enter new markets, defend against competitors, and optimize revenues. James is recognized as a prolific writer, creative problem solver, a mentor, coach, lecturer, as well as a speaker. He is the author of "Entrepreneurial Essentials: Unconventional Business Wisdom and Bold Tactics." A formidable person who pursues his objectives with laser-like focus, passion and skill regardless of whatever obstacles are in the way.